My name is Emily, and I’m 20 years old, I will give you a quick run through in a few paragraphs my life and what has happened 

When I was 3 I started gymnastics, this continued for around 8 years until I started to compete for Wales, I then unfortunately got injured so had to look for a new and exciting hobby, which is why I then ended up a few months later with a few extra four legged friends

Now all of you out there that know me well enough, you will know I have a serious love for four legged creatures. Which is why most my life I have had a selection of ponies. I continues to ride for around 6 years, where I competed in show jumping and cross country, I also began to learn Polo crosse, which yes is Lacrosse on a horse! how very exciting. 

Throughout my riding years I had; Misty, Magic, Folly, Dylan, Scotty and Vero 

However this had to come to an end when I got my bag packed, and was shipped off to boarding school, I know what your all thinking, what cruel parents!! I’m thinking it to. But no! boarding school was one of the best things that I ever did! who doesn’t want to spend all day with their friends, and then get to spend the evening having a sleepover every night with no parents?? I have made some of my life long friends at boarding school, unfortunately this enjoyment had to come to an end when I had finally grown to old to stay any longer. 

I chose to take two gap years, one of them consisted of me playing polo, where I was able to re live my childhood love. 

The other finding myself jetting off to Australia for 9 months

I had never previously flown by myself, or let alone gone that far! But I packed up my bags and hopped on the next flight out. I Originally had planned to fly to Brisbane and then travel around Australia and Maybe venture to New zealand however, after fast forwarding 11 months I found myself living in Brisbane with a fantastic apartment, and a sometimes fantastic boyfriend. 

I made some life long friends out there, that now gives me a 
reason to jet back over frequently, And the best part about Australia was it gave me the courage and ability to create my first ever blog. I also held a Koala, took a selfie with a kangaroo, and held a snake. Mission completed 

I finished my stint off in Australia by visiting Bali for a quick break for 2 weeks before flying back to Brisbane saying my teary final farewells, then gruelling the horrendous 26 hours flight home.

Which is where I find myself now at home, deciding what I want to do with my life, do I move to London? move abroad? I don’t know my mind changes every day! Fingers crossed in the next few months I will finally make a decisions and be able to progress with it 

Until then though, I will be travelling to see friends, spending time with my two gorgeous cats ‘Tiggy’ 

And Tufty

Catching up on a years worth of excitement, and exploring different countries in the world to add to my travelling journal. But now I have a blog so you guys can hop on my whirl wind of an adventure with me 

Lets see where we end up hey?