Great Ocean Road


A little while back Jess and I decided to do an ultimate Australian road trip starting from the bottom working all the way up to the top, with 5 weeks available, £5000 available to spend each, we packed our bags hopped on the plane and off we went, over the next few weeks I will give you the ultimate guide to everywhere we went, stayed, and my must do’s.

Here are my top tips 

Tip number 1 Whilst in Australia my number 1 go to company for car hire was Juicy Rentals, there are so many mixed reviews with the these guys due to being so cheap, but I never had one issue with them, the cars were always brand new, in excellent condition, cheap to fuel up and always got me from A-B without a fault. They have depots all over Australia so you can drive from location 1 to location 2 and just drop the car off, perfect huh

To book with these guys go onto  they will give you an instant quote and additional add on’s, my number one advice is book a Tom Tom with them or bring your own, there a life saver. I would recommend booking in advance, I never did as the holiday was rather spontaneous we would wake up one morning and decide we were off onto our next location, I would ring that day and they would always fit me in, but I wouldn’t risk it overtime.

Tip number 2 whilst travelling in Australia, you must get up early, an early bird catches the best worms, wake up before the sun has risen and just drive, from anywhere in Australia you will always have the most incredible view of the sun rise.

We decided we had to visit Great Ocean Road on this trip, so we set the alarm for 3.45am, the birds were tweeting, the city was asleep which meant one thing, no trams to content with. I will go into more detail about the travel options in Melbourne in a later post, but if your a confident driver who can contend with Trams appearing from every corner then Melbourne is the city for you, in my case Jess and I wanted to get out before rush hour so we hopped into our little Fiat Punto and off we went.

Great Ocean Road is about 3 hours from the centre of Melbourne, so by the time we arrived the sun was just rising, no one was in sight and we had the place to ourselves. The road itself spans across 243km, as we only had one day to do it, we headed straight for the Twelve Apostles and worked our way down.

It does get really busy with tour buses later in the day, so as I said get up as early as you can, you’ll then get a few hours of piece and quiet in before the tours start to arrive

Tip number 3 Bring a picnic with you, we stopped on our way down and grabbed a few snacks from a service station, there are not many places to eat en route or even around there to be honest, unless you go off track to a local town etc

Tip number 4 As far as I remember there arn’t to many fuel stations en route, so make sure you fill up on your way as its at least a 10 hour round trip if you want to get a lot of sights in, in one day

Tip Number 5 Make sure on your drive you stop off a little lay byes on the road, each one usually has a hidden gem if you do just a short walk, these views are usually the best as tours don’t tend to stop off at the smaller more picturesque places

Tip Number 6 Take a camera, the views are amazing, you’ll have the opportunity to see the Twelve Apostles, Loch And Gorge, London Arch and many other breathtaking views

Thats it guys, Great Ocean Road is defiantly a must for any traveller wanting to see the sunrise over beautifully shaped rocks, hidden beaches and miles upon miles of coastal roads


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