The St Regis, New York

As some of you may know for my 21st I grabbed my bags together and caught the first flight out of Heathrow over to New York, just in time for New York Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to have my parents and my sister join me on my New York escapades, and have a help in hand to plan my Birthday week of fun 


The flight was a quick Eight hours, so by the time I was sat down and comfy, and my eyes had begun to shut the air hostess was nudging me telling me we were about to land 

I quickly ran through security trying to contain my excitement and grabbed my mammoth amount of bags. I was super excited to finally use my Brand Sparkling new Diane Von Furstenberg travel bags, so I grabbed them up and began my way through the airport heading for my car 

Now I’m going to try my best not to get over excited and bombard you with about a 1000 photo’s at once and numerous posts, so I am going to keep it short yet sweet for the first post 

I flew into JFK late Tuesday evening, just in time for my celebrations to begin at midnight when I hit the big 21! 

I grabbed the first car in sight with my parents, and we rushed over to our hotel now when in New York my dad insisted we had to pay a week long visit to the St Regis, and oh my wasn’t that a great choice 


We were instantly greeted by ginormous men, dressed to their nine’s in fur coats, Russian hats and gloves that looked like they were about to pay a visit to Alaska, I mean what was all the fuss about…. Until I put my one leg outside the door to exit the car and wow! the temperature hit me, a whopping -15 was what was ready to greet me at the front door 

We hastily ran into reception, in anticipation of checking in and being allowed to be let lose in the hotel, have a sneak peak of all the rooms, and of course indulge in their to die for breakfast, lunch and supper, and you can’t forget their world famous King Cole bar.

The reception had you entering a gold mine, the ceilings had intricate detail throughout, with gold lacing through the cream tones, vast chandeliers hung from the ceiling, to many to count and the hotel still had its original Reception box in place where you were able to set reservations and get excellent advice on the city surrounding the hotel 


We were quickly checked in and made our way up to the rooms, the hotel had kindly given us two exceptional suites, due to the celebrations taking place that week, not only was it my 21st, it was also my parents 30th anniversary! 

Our bags got dropped to our rooms and we were instantly greeted by a smiling lady, with white gloves on, tails and with the happiest and most warming smile on her face, she then began to explain to us that she would be our Butler for the week, and showed us all the necessities we may need in our room  



I dont know about you, but as soon as I see a butler it instantly remind me of ‘Mr Deeds’ “Sneaky Sneaky” So that kept me entertained for far to long 

She placed down a tray of tea as well as some deliciously juicy chocolate covered strawberries, that just hit the table before I got my hands on them 





Due to our flights landing late we didn’t have much time to explore New York that evening, however we had a full day planned the next day, not only was it my Birthday but it was my first ever day in New York and I was planning on taking it by storm 

I quickly ran a bath, threw extra bubble bath in it, flicked on the TV which FYI, took me forever to figure out where it was as its hidden in the mirror which is genus, and laid back and relaxed excited about the week I was about to face 

I obviously couldn’t resist having a quick run and jump on the immaculately sorted bed’s officially making Emily proof within seconds. 


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  1. 5th March 2015 / 12:44 am

    Wow – it all looks so amazing! I'd love to stay at the St. Regis. It looks beautiful.
    Your suitcases are also gorgeous. I kind of want them a lot right now.
    I cannot wait to here more about your trip (and I hope you had a fantastic birthday but it does look like you did so far!)

    Rachael at

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