A Sheinside Secret

Christmas Eve I threw on a party dress to attend a dinner party at the Itani’s, I was rather hesitant at first seeing it was shorter than I usually wear, but after getting approval from my parents I headed out 

The entire evening I was getting compliments on the dress, everyone loved the cut as well as the really pretty pattern however, the best is yet to come…. 

I really love mixing high end clothing with highstreet clothing, so I decided to were my new Sheinside dress with my favourite Gucci Heels 

But you’ll never guess what, the dress was a whopping £14.73! BARGAIN, HERE Is the link to the website 

So after falling in love with this dress and the quality it arrived in, I thought I would allow you lot in on my little secret of where to get this beauty 

I have created some what of a wish list! 















Tell me what you think of my chosen favourites? 


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